Glass stair railings are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes today. We take pride in offering top-selling glass railings to our customers, and we love offering quality stair rail replacement that will transform your home. Each of our glass railings contain grooves in the rail and shoe into which the glass panels are inserted. These panels are held in place by a series of filler strips to keep the required code spacing, and then secured using a small bead of silicone. The result is a clear, free flowing railing that gives the interior of your home a look of class and elegance. Here are are few examples:

Before Glass:

Pre-glass stair railings from Dave's Railings.Railings without glass.Stair railings before glass installation.Railings before glass installation.

After Glass:

Stair railings with glassRailings with glass installed.Railings after glass installation.Stair railings with glass inserted.