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Finding the Right Wood for Your Home

Whether you’re designing a new home or changing up the look of your old one, choosing the right wood for your home’s stairs, railings, moldings, and furniture can lead you to choice overload. Not to worry—Dave’s Railings is here to break down the pros and cons of some of the most common types of wood, so you can focus less on decisions and more on enjoying your home’s new look.



Maple wood is known for its bright white to light yellow tones, with a signature reddish tinge in some varieties. Most maple trees grow in Asia, but different types of maple grow throughout the United States and the northern hemisphere. For home applications, maple wood is very, very strong, and takes stains well, making it a versatile and durable choice for your home.


Oak is one of the grainiest, flashiest, and most diverse wood types, so it’s a favorite for those who want a classic, yet eye-catching wood finish in their homes.There are over 600 different kinds of oak trees growing in the northern hemisphere alone, meaning the look of oak can vary greatly. Be aware—staining oak greatly exaggerates the banding and wood grain, so keep that in mind when searching for the right wood for your home.


Poplar is great for those who need a versatile and budget-friendly option for finished wood pieces in the home. Found throughout the northern hemisphere, poplar is usually anywhere from white to yellow-brown in color, with a very subdued, fine grain. Poplar is very welcoming to paint and wood stains, which only expands the possibilities for unique wood finishes in your home.


Cherry trees aren’t just known for the fruit they bear—their wood is famous for it’s use fine furniture and luxury wood products as well. Grown in mild climates across the world, cherry wood is known for its strength, beautiful grooves and markings, and reddish brown color. Cherry has long-term appeal and well, as it grows darker and richer in color when exposed to light—so you’ll have a wood finish that looks better and better over time.


Walnut is very hard and heavy, and a classic wood type used in mid-century modern furniture. This wood has an unusually straight grain, and is incredibly resistant to warping, making it a favorite amongst the woodworking community, gunmakers, and luthiers. Color can range anywhere from light to dark brown, and that range can be found on even a single plank of wood, so this is a high-contrast wood choice for your home.


Pine is a highly inexpensive, lightweight wood used for a variety of applications. It’s considered a softwood, so it takes paint and stain well, and develops a rustic patina, or shine, after much use and aging. However, those same softwood qualities mean that pine is prone to dents, dings, and scratches.

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