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Lesson Common Staircases

A staircase is an amazing human invention, allowing us to ascend and descend whenever and wherever we want. But not every home has the room or the need for a traditional, full-size staircase. With millennials struggling to afford traditional homes, tiny homes and smaller loft spaces are becoming trendier and trendier by the day—which increases the demand for smaller and more unique staircases.

In this blog, the Spruce Grove railings professionals will teach you about less common, but equally practical staircase options for your home. You’ll be surprised how many ways you can incorporate stairs into your home!

The Spiral Staircase

There’s nothing more classically beautiful (and ergonomically practical) than a spiral staircase. These staircases take up very little physical and visual space, and provide a ton of visual interest in just about any type of home space. Plus, many of these staircases come prefabricated, so all you have to do is some IKEA-esque assembly and a little bit of drilling and screwing before you have a usable staircase!

Spiral staircases are perfect in tight spaces—they’re excellent for entrances to lofts and attics, or as exterior staircases to rooftop patios. Plus, they’re the most enjoyable staircases to climb!

Staircase Shelves

Staircase shelves are the hottest stairs in the game today, and are becoming an industry standard for studio lofts and tiny homes alike. While the area beneath your stairs is usually reserved for broom closets, cobwebs, and young wizarding prodigies, staircase shelves provide open, airy shelving in a variety of sizes so you can store your books, knick knacks, and other fashionable belongings. In smaller spaces, these shelves are narrower than traditional stairs, allowing for more livable space. There’s also an emerging stair trend similar to staircase shelves known as staircase drawers—retractable storage drawers that slide away to open up floor space and slide back out when you need them. Neat!


When all else fails and you don’t have the room for traditional stairs, it’s time for a ladder. Just don’t use a rope one.

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