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Our Home Renovation Tips Part III: Your Attic

At Dave’s Railings, we know the importance of top-quality hand rails and banisters, how they can add to the beauty and value of your home, and how they tie into the bigger picture of home improvement. We know that in any home, anywhere, home renovation is about maximizing the space in your home for maximum value. But if you’ve already finished your basement and turned half of your two-car garage into a man-cave, you might be running out of ideas to maximize the value of your home.


Luckily, the answer might be right above you. Attics are an often-overlooked space that have the potential to be your next executive office, master suite, or home theatre—a virtual guarantee to improve the value of your home.

But before you start sifting through cardboard boxes and decades of dust, you’ll need to ask yourself three questions to ensure your attic is the top destination in your home.

Is my attic structurally sound?

Attics are great for storing keepsakes and memorabilia, but they aren’t necessarily built to hold the weight of couches and beds or the people who use them. Some attics will need new structural beams or more structural beams for the attic to be safe and sturdy. Find a professional to examine your attic’s structure, and add support where necessary so the floor will hold up to the weight of your everyday activities.

Do I have enough space in my attic?

First, check out the building codes in your area to see if an attic renovation is even doable. Many building codes require at least seven feet, six inches of headroom in at least 70 square feet in your attic.

It’s crucial to think about your attic renovation on an everyday level as well. An attic with less headroom is great for a bedroom or a kid’s playroom, not a workout room. Investing in an attic renovation isn’t cheap—spend that money on a space that is highly functional and usable.


How will I get up there?

If you’re building an incredible attic space, you probably won’t want to access it via the creaky, old ladder that came with the place. So find a staircase that matches the look and function of your space. Spiral and switchback staircases are great options for saving space on your landing floor if a traditional, linear staircase isn’t feasible, and they add an unexpected design twist to your home. But if you’re turning your attic into a master bedroom with a California king bed, make sure that bed has a clear route into your attic. You don’t want your dreams of a master suite crushed halfway up the stairs.

At Dave’s Railings, we hope that with these tips, things will start looking up with your attic renovation. And when you need high-quality stair railing, hand railing or balusters for your attic here in Edmonton, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, or Athabasca, we can help. Get in touch with our team, and solve your railing needs today!