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Railings Aren’t Just a Safety Feature

Homeowners who have stairs or balconies know just how important it is to have strong, sturdy railings and banisters. This is especially true if children or elderly family members live in the home. No one wants to imagine what could happen if railings should fail to do their job properly. That is why Dave’s Railings is dedicated to doing the job right, not fast. Safety is crucial, especially when it comes to your loved ones. But railings don’t have to be a mere safety measure, they can also add aesthetic beauty and charm to your home.

Charm Enhanced

You work hard to make your home warm and inviting, and as any Edmonton homeowner knows, little details can go a long way. Handrails aren’t just for holding onto; they are that small detail that can completely change the feeling of a room. No matter which type of decor you have chosen for your space, there are railing options that will not only fit that style, but will complement it.

Types of Material

There are a variety of materials used in the construction of railings and banisters, and each adds its own charm and style.

Wood: Railings made of wood are a classic choice. Wood comes in various finishes and colors that are able to be easily mixed and matched to suit a home’s particular style and needs. Another great benefit of wood handrails and banisters is that they can be painted or stained to complement the color scheme of your choice.

Metal: Metal is another great choice when considering railing installation. Metal can fit seamlessly into a variety of styles from contemporary modern and industrial to Old World or Victorian. Furthermore, adding metal spindles can complement your current design scheme, adding a little flare or a touch of class to any home.

Glass: Glass railings or railing inserts are becoming more and more popular. Glass is elegant and modern, fitting perfectly into contemporary designs. Glass is also a great fit in any size of space; it creates more visual space in a smaller room and emphasizes the loftiness of spaces with plenty of room to stretch out.

We know how much you love your Edmonton home. That is why at Dave’s Railing, we take our time and ensure that we provide quality service every time. Interested in learning more? Give us a call today!